About us

We are our clients' strategic partner, the game changer that helps brands win over a substantial role in people's minds and hearts. By combining data, technology and passionate creativity, we execute high impact strategies customized according to each brand's desire to shine. Growing with the world's changes is our accomplishment, innovating is the core of our business.

Web Development

We define the ideal development area for each individual project, conceiving and developing a complete stack that goes from the creative idea to the final deployment. Analysis and technological choice are the first steps in a web development project. The right relationship between needs, development possibilities and budget are the key to a winning digital project. We independently manage an advanced cloud technology structure to support creative projects. The technology on which we focus is Google Firebase, an innovative core to develop the latest generation web projects always interpreted in a mobile perspective: Web Applications and Single Page Applications.


Over the last few years many things have changed in the communication world. All of these changes certainly arise from new technologies and the tools that derive from them. Hence, an increase of web visibility and conversions takes place not only by offering high-quality and engaging content but also through the implementation of ADV campaigns that aim at profiled targets, with specifically designed creativities to achieve the goals defined with the client. Our approach in ADV starts with the data, that we translate in useful information allowing brands to reach the right target through the most efficient media. This is what we do every day with our partners in order to execute web ADV strategies that assure brands a special role in people’s lives.


Content is what helps brands build trust and connect with their target audience. This is why translating brand values into engaging content is a key aspect in every marketing strategy. We give content the attention it deserves with customized concepts that become specifically designed formats for each different platform. From photo shootings to social media content, from OOH to web adv banners, we transform ideas into eye-catching and high performing content so that brands can be believable trough both ideas and technology.

Social Media

Social networks were originally born to connect people but nowadays they are also the essential touch point for brands that want to reach out to their audience. In order to achieve the established goals, we analyze the target market and plan a strategy which aims to generate visibility and engagement. Everything starts with the data, which turn into ideas that eventually become content. Therefore, with a tailor-made strategy, the appropriate tone of voice and high-quality content, we are able to reach our target audience and convey the brand values through social media’s native language. This way we make sure our clients are able to increase brand awareness, create a loyal community and boost sales.

The Group

Officine Orange has been operating for over ten years in the digital marketing field.
Strategic for brand development and artistic promotion activities, it was acquired by A1 Holding in 2020.






Branches (Milano - London)